Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let's Go Blueberry Picking

Took the 3 kiddos to a blueberry farm today and we had a blast! This was our first time doing this and I had NO idea how much fun it would be. The kids were each given an empty milk jug with a string hooked on it like a necklace so that they could wear them around their neck while they picked the blueberries. They were also told that they could eat as many blueberries as they would like while picking. You should have seen their faces when they heard that! we went into blueberry heaven to go picking! They ate and ate and ate and picked a few blueberries in-between! Every time I threw some blueberries into my bucket, Grady would hear them hit and come running over to eat them! Needless to took a VERY long time to pick our blueberries, but we still ended-up with 4 pounds of them and 3 very full bellies...I'm the only one who left hungry...I don't like blueberries :) 

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