Friday, November 19, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, No Fish....

Yes, that's right...we lost a 'family member' this week — as our kids referred to him. One of our beautiful red Betta Fish, named Buddy, has moved-on to bigger and better things up in Fish Heaven. It was Brynlie's fish — our 8 year old daughter — and we didn't think that she would take it as hard as she did, but boy...did she ever! In fact, both girls were very upset over his passing. Since we have no other pets and these fish have been with us for a year and a half, I guess I should have expected their sad reaction, but the drama that followed and the things that they said were funny — in light of it being a very upsetting ordeal for them.

Mark and I consoled them and empathized with them, but later had some good laughs over what was said about Buddy once they finally fell asleep that night. Keeping in mind that this was a fish, I think the cutest comment came from Brynlie when she said, "I will never, ever forget all of the good times that Buddy and I had together!" Then, later...she asked where I thought Buddy was right now. Since we had privately sent him to his new life by way of the commode, I said to her..."Remember on Finding Nemo when the fish said that all drains lead to the sea?" I said, "I bet he is out there already and is so happy." My six year old daughter — going on 16 — looked at me like I was so naive and replied, "Ughh...that doesn't even make sense...he is just floating out there dead, too?!!"  Haha!

After a few hours of many tears shed, I asked Brynlie if she would like to go to the pet store and buy a new fish. She was very excited to do that and began to perk-up. So, we went and she spent a good hour examining all 50 Betta fish there and FINALLY decided on a beautiful white iridescent one!

After coming home, getting the new fish all set-up and the girls finally settled down, it was time for bed. When we tuck all 3 kids in every night, they always tell each other good night and "I love you" from their rooms and once things were quiet, Brynlie hollered out to Eden and said, "Good night, Eden...I hope that your fish doesn't die tonight, too!" And the crying began!

We made it through the night — and the past few nights — with both fish alive and well, so I'd like to introduce you to the new member of our family, Snowball!

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