Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Odd Girl Out

My friend's children are visiting their grandparents from Virginia and I always get my turn in taking them, too!  We love having them here and try to spend as much time as we can with them.  I had her 6-six year old daughter—that is exactly my Eden's age—for the last two days and I usually take her 11-year old, as well—but the older one was out-of-town staying with a friend.  So...I was only able to get 1, which causes major issues in my house!  Any parent knows that it never works when you have an "odd man out" with kids!  My 8-year old didn't have anyone to keep her busy, so she pestered the little ones and kept trying to "steal" our guest away from my 6-year old.  This was not good!  There were lots of fights that ended with me screaming for 2 days straight!  Oh...and did I mention that it stormed the ENTIRE time that she was here...leaving everyone stuck inside with nothing to do, but wreck the house!  I absolutely love having them here, though, and I'll be able to take both of her girls together next week...which will actually be so much easier because each of my girls will have their "own" friend to cause trouble with!

And now that my three are in bed and the house is "somewhat" back in order...I made myself a Vodka slush and will enjoy the rest of my night! 

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