Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Snuggling 8-Year Olds

We're back from camp and had a blast! And yes...the girls had fun, too! Even before my girlfriend's family showed-up, my kids were helping dad build the fire, swimming in the creek out back, and riding bikes up and down the dirt road (which they managed to lose only several pieces of skin and not whole limbs). Then — when Mike and Missy pulled-in after supper — it was calm for a few minutes and that's when all 5 kids jumped in the creek!  She has two boys that are 8 and almost 4 and her oldest has been in school with my oldest since they were 3 years old and they have always been really close. Well...last night...they were too close! Haha! After the younger three kiddos fell asleep throughout the camp, we noticed that we hadn't heard the 8-year olds making much noise for awhile, so I went in to check on them.  As I flick the bedroom light on, they were snuggled in bed together and fast asleep! It was the cutest thing that I have seen in a long time...notice I said I and not Mark! Lol!  It's just so sweet to witness the innocence of childhood and the closeness of friends — regardless of whether you're blue or pink.

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