Friday, August 6, 2010

You Mean...No One Else is Going With Us?

This is what I heard when I excitedly told my girls that Daddy and I decided to take them up to our camp for an impromptu getaway.  We were all excited because we finally had a free weekend for the first time this summer and wanted to take the kids up to camp for some fun, fishing, and relaxation. When we told the girls of our "big plan," they both looked at each other and then said to me..."Just us 5 are going...I don't know how fun this will be." Lol! Are you serious?!? They kill me!  

Actually, my girlfriend and her family are going to their camp, too, so they will be stopping by to hang-out, but we decided not to tell the girls until my friend shows-up. We're going to make them hang-out with us and like it!!

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