Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Can Finally Share in My Excitement!

I'm going to be an aunt!!! My 'baby' sister, Amber, and her hubby, Steve are expecting a baby in April! We have all been waiting, wishing, and praying for this baby and the little 'bean' has finally decided to come! Here is a picture of her little angel at 9 weeks.

How cute is this?!?  Even though I've seen dozens of ultrasounds with my own 3 kiddos...nothing beats seeing a new little angel growing inside of its mommy's belly!

Mark and I are the only ones with kids so far in both of our families and we have been dying to be an Aunt and an Uncle! I cannot wait to buy baby clothes again, spoil this kid rotten, and give it lots of loud and annoying toys like my sister always does to me!

This is yet another exciting chapter in our family's life and I'm so happy that I am able to share this great news with all of you!

I am going to be the best Aunt...EVER...besides you, Amber! I have tough shoes to fill to win the award!


Denise said...

Congrats Stacy! And Amber ;)

Stacy Galiczynski said...

Thanks Denise! You would think I was the one pregnant! Lol!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what this baby will get to do with you as an aunt! Go for it.....spoil this baby rotten.....remember.....when you are done you get to send this one home to the parents! Hope to see you soon. Take care~!

Amber said...

So cute... It never gets old looking at my little gummy bear =)

JESS said...

I am returning the blog love and am a new follower! Congrats on being an Auntie! I love that I can look at an ultrasound and know exactly what to look for. :-)
Jess from

CM said...

Congrats on being a new auntie! How fun! I bet your sister will need all your advice and support.

Following you back, nice to meet ya :-)

Oh and Yay I'm your 3rd follower, so cool!

Megan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
So fun that you will be an auntie!
Our son is the first baby on both sides of our families and we will be so excited to welcome our first niece or nephew someday.

AMY said...

Hi Stacy! I'm a new follower from blogfrog.
Congrats on the new baby coming. Our family has a baby due in April too, my nephew and his wife.
Come over and visit me at my blog sometime!

Kelly said...

Congrats to the parents to be! That is awesome! You will be a great Aunt!

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