Sunday, November 28, 2010

Family...Turkey...Shopping...and More Eating!

Our Thanksgiving break officially kicked-off on Wednesday when the girls got out of school early and I picked them up there (which I don't normally do). They love it when they don't have to ride the bus and they were SUPER excited that we were heading to Aunt Amber and Uncle Steve's house for our Turkey Day festivities! We loaded-up the car when they got home and set-off for two nights of fun at their house (which is three long hours away when you have my children in your vehicle)!

We had a blast and ate lots of great food, then ate some more great food, then topped it off with even greater food! Yes...I can hardly button my jeans...but, it's a good 'tightness'! Amber made an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with lots and lots of side dishes that you had to go in 'rounds' in order to eat it all! She always goes over the top in making our time there special.

After we stuffed ourselves, we began looking through the Black Friday ads and mapping our route! My girls were even kind enough to make sure that we all had a copy of their wish lists before we went — that was really thoughtful of them! Before we settled down to bed, the kids got a surprise phone call from Santa and they each got to talk to him. They were all so excited afterward! Even Grady — our 2 1/2 year old — got on the phone and told Santa that he would like a 4-wheeler for Christmas...I hope that a 6-volt Fisher Price one will do! After they settled down from the phone call, we went to bed, then my mom, my sister, and I got-up at 3 a.m. and headed-out for some 'sleepy-time' shopping! We had a great time together and got lots of good deals. Once we were done — by 10 a.m. — it was time for all of us to head home and back to reality. 

We trashed their beautiful house — as usual — which I always feel so bad about, but my sister and her husband are expecting their first baby in the spring, so I'm sure that they will begin paying me back once my kids are older — and I finally have a somewhat clean house — and they come storming in with their "crew" to turn my place upside down!! By the way...I know what she is thinking right now as she reads this..."What do you mean by 'crew'?!!"  Haha! That is just my own wishful thinking that they are blessed with lots of kids and crazy happiness like I am!


fdgtgrl said...

That sounds like a great thanksgiving time;-)

Stacy Galiczynski said...

Thanks for stopping by, Karine! I was over your way, too :) Hope you are feeling better, by the way!

Jen said...

Hi Stacy, Great blog! Thanks for the follow over on twitter. I am following you as well as here.

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