Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From One Reality Show to the Next

Okay...I just got done tuning into the season finale of Big Brother 12 (my favorite reality show, by the way) and as I watched the winner, Hayden Moss, being awarded the $500,000 — I couldn't help thinking, "I can do that...I would go into that house, kick ass, and win it all!" After that, a few more thoughts popped into my mind such as:

       1.  How I always have this thought about any reality
           show that I watch — yet have never applied.
       2.  I can't go that long without internet.
       3.  Nobody would ever watch my kids that long...EVER!
           * That would be a whole other reality show!

So...I guess I'll just have to keep daydreaming about being on reality t.v. and bringing home the 'big bucks" — and until I get my big break — I'll be tuning in later tonight for season 21 of Survivor as I watch the contestants waste away in Nicaragua and think to myself, "I could SO do this!"

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